This was like my favorite movie when I was a kid Cruella was my favorite Disney villain ever There is no one better than Glenn Close to play this larger than life character I loved the over the top costumes, and Glenns charisma and exuberance while playing the role I liked all the actors, and thighs they did their job well with their role. Also, the movie is very entertaining for all ages, fun for the kids and teens and adults Disney did a Great job in my opinion with this film I feel like they did a good job with both 101 and 102 Dalmatians. Wouldve liked to maybe see roger and Anita again, but its not like that was a heartbreaker. 710. Arguably this is a very good sequel, better than the first live action film 101 Dalmatians. It has good dogs, good actors, good jokes and all right slapstick Cruella DeVil, who has had some rather major therapy, is now a lover of dogs and very kind to them. Many people, including Chloe Simon, owner of one of the dogs that Cruella once tried to kill, do not believe this is true. Others, like Kevin Shepherd (owner of 2nd Chance Dog Shelter) believe that Cruella DeVil HAS changed. Meanwhile, Dipsticks mate, has given birth to three cute dalmatian puppies Little Dipper, Domino and Oddball.Starring Eric Idle as Waddlesworth (the hilarious macaw), Glenn Close as Cruella herself and Gerard Depardieu as Le Pelt (another baddie, the name should give a clue), this is a good family film with excitement and lots more One downfall of this film is that is has a lot of painful slapstick, but not quite as excessive as the last film. This is also funnier than the last film.