Absolutely gorgeous pair of Focal 1038s both sonically and physically.  This is the black lacquer finish which is actually metallic.  The finish is simply stunning.  They were manufactured in Feb 2015.  One of the speakers was scratched by the original owner and has been repaired.  The touch-up paint is simply black so doesnt match correctly.  The spots are only slightly detectable by touch.  It is on the right side and back of one speaker.  There was not any damage elsewhere and especially not the drivers.  The other speaker is essentially flawless.  There is a couple small white marks that are barely visible on the rubber foot on the side.    You can place this speaker with the spots as your right speaker and then it is on the outside.  My room is not super bright and the only way you can see it in normal lighting is to shine a light.  If you have speakers sitting in front of windows and it is completely open to the right of the right speaker, then during the day you could likely see the side blemish with direct sunlight on the spots.  If you have normal lighting in a room with walls and possibly not a walking path to the right of the right speaker you can forget about it and no one would ever notice.  If you look at picture 4 where you see the right side of each speaker you can barely tell where the spot is.  If you zoom in you barely see a smudge looking area.  This is kinda what you can expect for how visible it is under bright interior lighting.  That picture is outside with the sunlight behind me.  I also took a video and posted on youtube that you can view:   There are no other blemishes or scratches, including the glass tops that are perfect.  I have the original boxes with the internal foam inserts.  I do not have whatever originally enveloped the speakers before boxing.  I will use new large leaf bags and put one up from the bottom and one over the top with tape only touching the bags.  I drove to pick up the speakers and they have not ever been shipped s eparately.  They were likely delivered originally to the dealer on a pallet so the boxes are in perfect shape.  I would be willing to drive a few hours to meet you if you chose to drive as well.  If we end up shipping then I will ensure the inside has extra protection for a safe arrival.  The spike feet and manual are taped inside the box flap.