Description: The Metsj MetaQ 75 1360 Multi is the right resolution for any farmer eager to do a number of the forage harvest on their very own with out having to purchase new tools to meet the necessity of a trailer to make use of when utilizing a self-propelled forage harvester. This trailer makes use of a intelligent resolution to mix a forage wagon and a daily silage trailer in a single unit. The container unit of this trailer may be tailored to meet your particular wants. Both you match the roof to the trailer and hook up the included towed forage harvester. Else, in case the scenario simply requires a daily silage trailer, you simply take off the roof and fasten the container to the included trailer attacher. In fact, there are a number of completely different design choices so that you can select from to adapt the tools to your liking. Select between quite a lot of completely different mild configurations to ensure that others see you heading up the street or simply to make it l ook superior. To make sure you can select the right tires on your grounds there are additionally a couple of completely different wheel configurations to select from.