In spite of the long blonde hair, it is hard to tell if this little child is a girl or a boy. The heavy corduroy skirt has been pushed up to reveal a pair of buttoned up leggings. But at this time, little boys frequently wore skirts at this young age, and many had long hair. The proud father is a British soldier in the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, as is evidenced by his cap badge. The Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry regiment officially existed from 1881 to 1968, but its predecessors go back to 1755. During WWI, the regiment fielded 13 battalions on active service and lost a total of 9. 947 men. The 2nd Battalion was the first to go into action at Le Cateau, taking some 600 casualties, half of whom were killed. Although the 1st Battalion was in Singapore at the outbreak of the war, it did reach France by January 1915, moving to Salonika later that year and only returning to France to take part in the final advances in 1918. Battalions of the Regiment served with both 49 (West Riding) and 62 (West Riding) Divisions throughout the war.  After the war, the 1st Battalion served in Mesopotamia before assuming duties with the army of occupation in Germany, returning to England in 1924 where it remained until moving to Gibraltar in 1935.  The WWI Major Battle Honors won by the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry include Marne, Messines, Ypres, Somme, and Cambrai. I sure hope this father survived the war and was able to come home to his little child. For a more in-depth history of the KOYLI regiment, visit this website:  This photograph is from my personal collection.