By the late 1950s Fleetwood-ladled bodies were becoming rarer and rarer at Cadillac and the Series 75 was among the last, although rather subtly, Fleetwood script and crests did not appear anywhere on the exterior of the car. The 1959 Cadillacs, with their amazing exaggerated tailfins and bullet’ rear lights created a sensation on their introduction and have remained among the most celebrated and collectable of all post-war models. The frontal aspect of the design was equally extraordinary with a massive chrome grille. The cars were available as saloons, coups and convertibles and were designed to offer the most lavishly equipped motoring in the world and accordingly this example is fully fitted with fingertip sensitive power steering, Wonder Bar’ radio and air conditioning and cruise control. The car was intended to represent the state of the art in motoring terms at the dawn of the space age; more than fifty years later the car still stands out as a startling creation.