Polaroid sunglasses  PLD 2083 GS 6LB XN  - frame color: GREY, lens color BROWN POLARIZED cat. 3, sunglasses for men or women, size 61, Bridge 14, 145 auctions, excellent fit. New, complete with original box-static cloth (the color of box may vary depending on stock availability). The lens s sunglasses are polarized, this means that: When sunlight is reflected on a flat surface (water, snow, road surfaces, windshield .) can be decomposed as axes, creating the effect of Glare: light becomes polarized and the perception of shapes, colors and contrasts is severely impaired, so the white light due to intentional bias can not be absorbed by the lenses of conventional solar. The special filter lenses polarized light separating useful from that which is harmful to the vision of offering reduced glare, brighter colors, higher contrast, protection for sensitive eyes and total UVA and UVB protection up to 400nm. PRODUCED BY Polaroid s.p.a.