has announced the release of the the Gen II 2208 metering system.The 2208 is designed for both cover crops and fertilizer solutions on existing equipment. Featuring dual product capability with 1 to 4 sections and designed with precision in mind, the Montag 2208 with its multi system capabilities gives farmers the ability to use one system for both cover crop application and fertilizer application. With the flexibility to add rows and configure drives as needed, you can now easily invest in a metering platform that can be adapted to your operation as it changes and evolves for years to come. Dont waste seed or time speculating whether or not your no-till grain drill is seeding at the right rate. Learn this easy way to calibrate your drill every time you use it. Do you feel like soil compaction is squeezing your yields Are you wondering what you can do about it The University of Minnesota Extension is proud to partner with Manitoba Ag and Resource Development and North Dakota State University to bring you the Northern Soil Compaction Conference. Needham Ag understands the role of technology in making better use of limited resources within a specific environment by drawing on a wealth of global experience to overcome the challenges facing todays farmers, manufacturers and dealers. Titan offers a full line of wheels, tires and undercarriage products for a wide variety of off-the-road equipment. The Andersons grows enduring relationships through extraordinary service, a deep knowledge of the market, and a knack for finding new ways to add value as we have done for nearly 70 years.