A skill worth mastering with your rifle is the tactical reload. The .223 is often used for home defense, and if you use yours to defend your castle, knowing how to reload more quickly is not only useful but vital. In high-stress situations you’re not going to be counting how many rounds you’ve fired, so if you’re fighting for your life and realize you’re probably running low or you’re out do a tactical reload. The first thing you do is grab a fresh mag and no, do not eject the old one yet and prepare to swap them out. You can change mags one of two ways, today we’ll go over the side-by-side grip. Hold the fresh mag firmly and grasp the spent mag with the same hand, using your pointer finger between them to keep them apart. Eject the spent mag and simply pop the new one in place. Doing it smoothly and quickly will take some time, but you’ll get it.