A central open cluster illuminates a vast cloud of hydrogen gas making it fluoresce at 656.4nm. I had quite a few problems tonight - more to do with me doing stupid things rather than kit so this is 5 x 10 (acquired around 910pm) and 14 x 5 minute exposures (11pm-1am). Definitely better than my previous efforts   . There’s a slight artefact around the bright stars which seems to be a registration problem of merging two different data sets with different star sizes together but Ive finally got rid of my iron cross stars due to pinched optics 48080mm f6 Altair Starwave triplet refractor. Altair Planostar 1.0 x FF with 2 inch IDAS LPS D1 filterAstro-modified Canon 80D at ISO800; 5 x 10 14 x 5 minute subs (140 mins total integration).NEQ6 pro mount with Rowan belt drives -2 star align.Mini-PC NUC with WiFi extenderMount WiFi control with ASCOMAstroPhotography ToolCamera WiFi control with Backyard EOS Camera sensor temperature (external battery): 11-12c 600s, 10c 300s. 32 dark frames from dark library (temperature selected; 10-14c)90 flat frames (electroluminescent panel 180s)90 bias frames Post processed in PixInsight 1.8.6 and Photoshop CC 2019. Local parameters:Temp: 3.8- 4.2cHumidity: 76- 78Pressure: 1017 kPa Light Pollution and Weather:SQM (L) at start of session (2115 hrs UT) 19.80 magarcsec2.SQM (L) at end of session (0100 hrs UT) 20.05 magarcsec2. Clear until 1 am when high misty cloud came in. Polar Alignment:QHY Polemaster alignment -Error measured by PHD20.8 arc minute.RA drift 1.64 arcsecminDec drift -0.20 arcsecmin Guiding:PHD2 guiding with ZWO ASI290mmAltair Starwave 20650mm guider. Not Dithered.RA RMS error 0.75 arcsec, peak error 2.66 arcsecDec RMS error 0.52 arcsec, peak error 2.17 arcsec Astrometry:Center (RA): 06h 31m 32.569sCenter (Dec): 04 59 04.568Size: 1.4 x 1.13 degImage scale: 1.