PRINCE REPHASING CYLINDER Brand New PRINCE rephasing cylinders for series applications where multiple cylinders extend and retract equally. Two or more cylinders are plumbed in series, with bore and rod diameters sized so all rods extend or retract in unison. The rephase bypass allows oil to bypass piston on full cylinder extension to fill the next cylinder during initial synchronization or to compensate for internal leakage. Not to be used as single cylinder at full pressure due to column buckling SPECIFICATIONS Model PMS-AM-2627 Bore x Stroke 2-34 x 10 Pressure 3000 PSI Rod Diam. 1-18 Ports SAE 8 Retracted Length 22-14 Shpg. 33 lbs. END MOUNTINGS Rod End Clevis Inside Width 1-116 Outside Width 2-12 Throat Depth 1-1316 Pin Diam. 1 Base End Clevis Inside Width 1-116 Outside Width 2-38 Throat Depth 1-78 Pin Diam.