Recently we got to test out a Husqvarna LGT 2654.  The LGT 2654 is powered by an easy to maintain 26hp Kohler courage engine.  The engine has plenty of power to propel the 3 bladed 54 air induction deck through the tallest of grass.  This is a hydrostatic tractor that is controlled by a lever not a foot switch.  In areas when you need to precisely control your speed you will have to take one hand off of the steering wheel.  Also when cutting on rough terrain the handle has a tendency to slowly return to the neutral position.  There is a left pedal for the brake. It also includes a parking brake feature via a lever on the side of the dash.  The deck has a simple spring lever that allows you to easily loosen the belt when replacing belts or removing the deck.  The deck has reinforced tubing to protect it against curb rash and like most tractors includes a deck wash port.