Mrklin H0 - 2872 - Poptrein, Electric locomotive E-04 with two matching wagons of the DB With original packaging and booklet, with certificate. Running number of the locomotive: E04 01 The set (2872) consists of the heavy duty locomotive with 2 pantographs Nicely decorated and in mint condition. It can easily be converted to overhead line power. The 2 goods wagons are also very neatly finished and beautifully painted. These are each equipped with 4 functioning roller doors The manual and the certificate of authenticity by Mrklin are also included. In the summer of 1995, the DB travelled throughout Germany with this so-called Pop train for which some 50 stations were also transformed into live music venues for 1 day. The station events were broadcast live on the radio. This Mrklin set is decorated exactly as the original train. All functions have been tested. No breakage or paint damage Please see the extensive photo report. The presentation rail is not a part of this offer. Electric lo comotive Series E 04 BR 104. Commissioned by the DRG, the company AEG developed the Series E 04 in the early 1930s. Their goal was the deployment of an express passenger train in central Germany. Development and deployment. Mainline History: 1930 - The design phase of this locomotive is commenced. 1933 - The first ten units, E 04 01 up to and including E 04 10 enter service with a maximum permitted speed of 110 kmh. After test runs with the E 04-09, during which a maximum speed of 151.5 kmh was achieved, this ceiling was later increased to 130 kmh for the E 04-09 and the E 04 10. 1934 - A further ten units E 04 11 up to and including E 04 21 are commissioned. For all units built so far and still to be built, the maximum speed permitted is now also 130 kmh. 1936 - The last two units E 04 22 and E 04 23 are commissioned. A total of 23 units were built by AEG. 1939 -1945 The E 04 23 was used as a test locomotive on the lines around Munich during these years. 1940-1945 - Locomotives E 04 0 4 and E 04 13 were destroyed during the Second World War. 1945-1968 - The locomotives E 04 17 up to and including 22 remained in service with the DB. 1968 - As from this year the Baureihe was converted from BR E 04 to BR 104. 1982 - The last units are decommissioned.