The GAZ-3308 Sadko light utility truck is a military replacement of the previous GAZ-66, which was produced for 35 years. Production of the GAZ Sadko commenced in 1996. It is a cost-efficient vehicle. This feature allowed the Russian MoD to acquire these light trucks even despite constant shortage of funding. Since 1999 the GAZ-3308 Sadko it is marketed internationally. Currently this military truck is in service with the Russian Army and some other countries.The Sadko is entirely conventional in layout. It is based on civilian GAZ-3307 with a 42 configuration, which can be identified by a double rear wheels. The Sadko has a payload capacity of 2 000 kg. Vehicle is fitted with a cargo-type rear body. The cargo area is covered with bows and canvas cover. Vehicle can also tow trailers or light artillery pieces. This military truck is used to carry troops and cargo.