The Limited Edition Coup 3321 Floor Lamp has been created by Joe Colombo for the brand Oluce. Going back to 1945, Oluce enjoys a reputation of being the go-to brand for standout pieces. In partnership with crme de la crme designers like Joe Colombo, this brand is firmly perched at the very top as the best and has a slew of international awards to show for it. The Limited Edition Coup 3321 Floor Lamp received the American Institute of Interior Designers in Chicago International Design Award and is in the permanent collections at New Yorks MoMA and Munichs Neue Sammlung Museum. It has a clever feature that links the stem and the head. This makes it possible to direct the light in different directions by adjusting the dome upwards, downwards or to sideways. One version of the lamp has a dome that is shaped into a semi-cylinder and another has it shaped as a semi-sphere. It has a lacquered metal base and a pole plated with chrome. The adjustable reflector is made of lacquered aluminium. Av ailable in dark or light colours, the Limited Edition Coup 3321 Floor Lamp has a height of 140cm, a diameter of 28cm with a cable that is 250cm long and a base that has a 28cm diameter.