The Dell Latitude 3340 is a laptop targeted towards students and its impressive 9h 40m battery makes it a decent proposition for using all day when out-and-about on campus. However, it’ll also serve well as a work laptop for any task, thanks to its long battery life.The phenomenal battery life is thanks to a large six-cell battery pack, which is rather thick and means that the rear of the laptop has a sizeable bump in it. This does have the positive side effect of angling the keyboard towards you, creating a comfortable typing angle.The keyboard itself is very pleasant to use as well. Dell hasn’t tried to shoehorn in a numeric keypad, so all of the Chiclet-style keys are comfortably spaced with pronounced gaps between keys meaning we rarely mistyped. We would say the keys were slightly too spongy for our tastes, with a fraction too much travel, but it never hindered comfort and we could easily type a long document or dissertation without an issue. The only other minor annoyance was th e skinny Enter key that was occasionally missed.The keyboard is located within a recess in the 3340’s base and is also surrounded by a rubberised trim. The keyboard is splash resistant, so you shouldn’t have to worry about accidental spills, which should bring some peace of mind for the clumsy. We tested this by pouring a reasonable amount of water across the keyboard and were pleased to see it survived without any issues. This is something we wouldn’t recommend intentionally putting to the test, however.