Jared polin froknowsphoto.com here with a photo of the week and this week it is a photo that i just took on friday friday right anyway of weezer this is rivers cuomo caught in midair after he jumped at a recent Weezer show at what they call festival pier down in Philadelphia its down on the waterfront its pretty much an open area right on the water well packs right up to the water and then theres a stage and they play lots of music and they probably at five six thousand people in this place its a good place to go see a show its good place to hear a show is it a good place to shoot a show well sometimes if you have your all if you have all access to go do what you need to do get on stage try some different things and yeah its probably going to be a good venue to shoot from but unfortunately I was in the pit the whole show and limited to only three songs like everybody else because my guy who who was setting things up wasnt there to try to help get on stage and do the behind-the-scenes type of stuff but well get that right for the next time so this is the first time Ive ever shot Weezer Ive never shot Weezer and and from what Ive heard is that they just stand around dont do much but you know from the first note where rivers cuomo played I got to say I was really really surprised how amazing it sounded I was right up against the subwoofers right up front and I could barely breathe with the amount of like sound that was coming out it was reverberating in my chest making it hard to breathe but theyre probably about ten to twelve photographers in the pit and a little later on Im going to go through again a little tip for how to get into shows and and and basically get a photo credential its not the hardest thing in the world these days I mean theres so many people trying to get in the shows but you know they do let a lot of people in and in the pit you see a lot of different things you see Nikons you see cannons you see people shooting with point-and-shoot sometimes whic h always fog the mind how they get in there with point-and-shoot cameras and youll see people with anything from rebels up to you know me shooting with the d3s and people with that 5d Mark tues and everything in between so thats a little bit about the situation I was faced with and the lights you can see here they were good there was a spotlight but rivers moved over to the left-hand side of the stage and Im not sure the spotlight followed him so whats going on here is when you only have three songs to shoot its pretty hard to get a lot of good shots I mean I started off with something like this no that wasnt the first shot was it yeah cuz thats panic at the disco so I started off with something like this I didnt edit it I started with the 70-200 because the stage is pretty high and youre pretty youre not the closest thing to it and thats what I shot to start and then I knew I wanted to switch to a to a wide angle and rivers was walking around stage he was.