Applying opposite voltage levels at the input pins produces no effect on the output and it stays positive with its voltage.The information tells us about the of the gate that is for a NAND gate, and is generally given in the form of truth tables.It is important thing to note that the inputs should always be applied with definite voltage levels and cannot be left open. The following ratings indicate the maximum and the minimum values that must not be exceeded while using the IC 4093, under any circumstances, to avoid permanent damage to the ICVDD Supply voltage at pin14 -0.5 to 22VVI DC input voltage -0.5 to VDD 0.5II DC input current 10 mAPD Power dissipation per package 200 mWPD Power dissipation per output transistor 100 mWTop Operating temperature -55 to 125CTstg Storage temperature -65 to 150 The IC 4093 may be used depending on the truth table functions, and the working of the gate outputs in response to gate input logics, or voltages.The output pin may be normally used for trigge ring the next stage in an electronic circuit, however it does not carry any criticality and will not damage the IC if left open.