Bruel Kjaer 4393 Miniature Piezoelectric Charge Accelerometer with a 48 AO-0283 Cable

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The Units Information Reads:

Model Number: 4393

Serial Number: 10156


High frequency

Low weight

Small size


High-level, high-frequency measurements

Vibration testing and analysis

Shock measurements

Measurements on delicate structures

Measurements in confined spaces

Accelerometer Description:

Type 4393 is a miniature DeltaShear Unigain accelerometer with a low weight and high resonance frequency. It has an M3 side connector and a M3 threaded hole for mounting.

Cable Description:

Super low-noise coaxial cable, M3 to 10-32 UNF, 250C (482F)

General Specifications:

Weight: 2.4 g (0.085 oz)

Charge Sensitivity (at 159.2 Hz): 0.316 pCms-2 2 (3.10 pCg 2)

Frequency Range: 0.1 to 16500 Hz (10 limit)

Mounted Resonance Frequency: 55 kHz

Max. Transverse Sensitivity (at 30 Hz, 100 ms-2): Transverse Resonance Frequenc y: 18 kHz

Max. Operational Continuous Sinusoidal Acceleration (Peak): 50 kms-2 (5000 g)

Electrical Specifications:

Residual Noise Level (measured with NEXUS Type 2692-001 in the specified frequency range): 5.2 mms-2 (0.52 mg)

Capacitance (Excluding Cable): 590 pF

Min. Leakage Resistance (At 20C): 20 G

Environmental Specifications:

Operating Temperature Range: -74C to 250C (-101F to 482F)

Temperature Coefficient of Sensitivity: 0.05 C

Temperature Transient Sensitivity (3 Hz Low. Lim. Freq. -3 dB, 6 dBoctave): 5 ms-2C (0.275 gF)

Base Strain Sensitivity (at 250 in the base plane): 0.005 ms-2 (0.0005 g)

Magnetic Sensitivity (50 Hz, 0.038 T): 30 ms-2T (0.3 gkGauss)

Max. Non-Destructive Shock ( peak): 250 kms-2 (25000 g)

Mechanical Specifications:

Housing Material: Titanium ASTM Grade 2

Piezoelectric Sensing Element: PZ 23

Construction: DeltaShear

Sealing: Welded

Electrical Connector: M3

Mounting Torque: 0.3 Nm Min. to 1.0 Nm Max. (2.7 lbf-in to 8.