From an early age, many have learned about our Solar System that of which is comprised of our Sun and eight planets with varying resources, environmental conditions, and a spectrum of colours and sizes. There also exists minor planets, moons, dust, gas, and comets and asteroids but we are not always as knowledgeable about these objects in our Solar System. The fascination with space begins when one looks up at a dark, cloudless, and unpolluted sky to see the delicate speckling of millions of light sources: either dead long-ago or still producing a glowing luminescence. Comets and asteroids are no different to stars in their allure and intrigue to physicists, astronomers, and passionate observers. These large and looming objects present both fear and wonder to those that view them, for many know very little or nothing at all about their projections throughout the Solar System. This article provides an understanding of comets and asteroids through looking at the origins of these objects, the analyzation of empirical research conducted, and a variety of informative pictures, videos, and charts. Upon building a base comprehension of comets and asteroids, the article will dive into their historical and physical impact upon the Earth and the overall Solar System, their intricate role in the Solar System, and their capabilities toward a sustainable future.