Does one of the carriages have rear lights Fleischmann H0 - 519151925193 - Passenger carriage - 4x ICEC-AbteilwagenBffetwagen 1st2nd class - DB Tested and working. 1x 5191 DB IV Am 203 ICEC-Compartment carriage 1st class. 2x 5192 DB IV Bm 234 ICEC-Compartment carriage 2nd class. 1x 5193 DB IV WRbumz 139 ICEC-Restaurant car Quick-Pick The photos are an integral part of the description and to get an accurate impression of this lot. Items have a one-month warranty after purchase. If found to be defective within 1 month, they can be returned free of charge within the Netherlands. All packages will be shipped via registered and insured mail to the customer.