Professional UHF Wireless hand microphone for vocals and stage, dynamic microphone with cardioid polar pattern for high sound pressure levels, frequency response designed for good reproduction. Compander system for high system dynamics and low noise. Streamlined, lightweight case with rubberized surface for secure grip and noise, switch and power indicator on the shaft for intuitively correct operation, rolling stop mechanism prevents rolling away from microphone, wind Poppschutzkorb, battery condition monitoring with timely reference to necessary battery led on the transmitter. Transfer the status of the battery on receiver, frequency selection out of 64 channels, up to 16 inter modulation free frequencies for simultaneous interference-free transmission of several wireless microphones, built-in antenna, characteristic signal system to avoid interference when transmitter is switched off in hochfrequenztechnisch difficult environments, extremely stable and precise frequency transmitter PLL synthesizer. Communication port for PC to change the carrier frequencies adjustable on the transmitter. More than 10 hours of operation with a 1, 5V alkaline AA battery or 13 hours with the optional rechargeable battery WB-2000. Rechargeable in optional charger without battery removal. Carrying bag, Tripod bracket (38 inch) and screwdriver to set the frequency in the scope of delivery.