LMS 5428 was built in 1937 by Armstrong Whitworth at Newcastle, one of an order for 227 such locomotives, the largest order ever placed by a British railway company with a private firm. A further 100 Black Fives’ were also built by the firm. Leeds Holbeck was one of the nearest depots to the North Fast to which they were allocated, and 45428 was one of that depot’s allocation. As well as working main line trains, Holbeck provided Class 5s for summer specials from the West Riding to Whitby, via York, Malton, Pickering and what is now the NYMR; thus Black Fives’ became a familiar sight through Newtondale and it is possible that 45428 was one of them. The locomotive hauled the last steam worked London bound express from Bradford to Leeds on I October 1967 and was withdrawn a week later when steam traction was abandoned in the Leeds area and indeed throughout the North East region. Preserved in 1967 and named Eric Treacy after the former Bishop of Wakefield, an eminent railway photographe