The faster, sharper, and bolder sibling of the rather cutesy Fiat 500, the resurrected Abarth 595 made its world debut in 2007. A few years down the line, the 595 received the new Competizione and Turismo trim levels. True to the small but wicked saying coined for Karl Abarth’s cars, the 595 Abarth has been an amalgam of a high power-to-weight ratio, phenomenal road handling levels, and a purposeful and aggressive styling. On sale in India at a price of INR 29.85 lakhs, the Competizione is one of three trims available on the 595 in international market. The 595 Competizione looks every inch a race-ready’ car There are several go faster’ bits that transform the rather feminine 500 into a little devil that makes no bones about its racing heritage.  Have a look at our Fiat 595 Abarth Competizione review here to find out how this performance-tuned motor has left the insatiable performance junkies in us buzzing with excitement.