Sea Tel 6012 is a 3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system compatible with most Ku-band satellites. The revolutionary architecture of this 1.5 meter system is based on Sea Tel’s industry leading XX09 marine stabilized antenna system. The 6012 is the industry’s first 1.5m Ku-band system powered by integrated marine antenna (IMA) software, supplied in a frequency tuned 76 (1.93m) radome or optionally in a 81 (2.05m) radome with air conditioner. Featuring an integrated control unit (ICU) that offers a single box electronic control solution to maintain the best and most efficient pointing accuracy in the maritime market. With its extended web based secured user interface, built-in remote management capabilities it offers easy integration into network management systems through its Media Xchange Point (MXP), first seen on the 4012 system.