Drive:4 Wheel drive Production year:  From:2012  Brand:Deutz Model:TCD6.1 L06 4V 4i Type:4 stroke Engine cooled:water cooled Cylinders:6 Aspiration:turbocharged Intercooled:Air cooled Emission level:Tier 4i Stage III B Power:  Gross:129.00Kw 172.99Hp with PowerBoost:131.00Kw 175.67Hp Rated ECE:128.00Kw 171.65Hp Power at:2100rpm Torque:  Maximum (SAE):703.00Nm 520.22lb-ft with PowerBoost:740.00Nm 547.60lb-ft Torque rise:31  Max. torque at:1600rpm Bore:101.00mm 3.98Inch Stroke:126.00mm 4.96Inch Displacement:6. 057cm 370ci Fuel:diesel Fuel system:high-pressure common rail injection Power source:  System:12V Batteries:  Power:143Ah Alternator:  Voltage:14V Power:200A Starter:  Motor output:4.00Kw 5.36Hp Hydraulic pump:  Type:Load Sensing pump Main pump:160.00Lm 42.27gpm Number of control valves:4 Hydraulic pressure:  Working hydraulics:200.00Bar 20.00Mpa  Make:ZF Transmission:Mechanical Gearbox:Continu variabele transmissie Reversing gear:Hydraulic Powertrain:4 Wheel Drive Transmission: T ravel speed:  Maximum speed:50.00kmh 31.07mph Power takeoff:  Number of shaftsplines:6 PTO speed:540540E10001000Erpm Front side:Optional Speed front:1000rpm  Fuel tank:280.00L 73.98US gal AdBlue:35.00L 9.25US gal Hydraulic:  Tank:50.00L 13.21US gal Transport dimensions:  Length:4. 757mm 187Inch Width:2. 550mm 100Inch Heigth:3. 010mm 119Inch Height dimensions: Cabine:  Height:3. 010mm 119Inch Wheels tyres: Tire size:  Front:48070 R28 Rear:58070 R38 Wheelbase:  Length:2. 767.00mm 108.94Inch Steering:  Steering system:Hydrostatic Steering angle:52degree Turning radius:  Outside of tire:5. 350mm 211Inch Carrying capacity:  Max. load on hitch:3. 000kg 6. 600Lbs Lifting capacity:  Lift capacity rear:9. 200kg 20. 240Lbs Lift capacity front:4. 000kg 8. 800Lbs Operating weight:  Operating weight:6. 850kg 15. 070Lbs axle loads:  Max. front axel:4. 900kg 10. 780Lbs Max.