BANJARMASIN - Korem 101Antasari, the ranks of Kodam VIMulawarman are preparing reserve personnel from the 623Bhakti Wira Utama Infantry Battalion or Infantry Battalion 623BWU to secure the re-voting (PSU) for the South Kalimantan gubernatorial election. The rematch for the South Kalimantan gubernatorial election was followed by the candidate pairs Sahbirin Noor-Muhidin and Denny Indrayana-Difriadi Darjat. If the situation develops on the ground and Battalion 623 troops are ready to be mobilized, said Danrem 101Antasari Brigadier General Firmansyah in Banjarmasin, quoted by Antara, Friday, June 4. He emphasized the readiness of the TNI in supporting the South Kalimantan Police to secure the implementation of the PSU by involving a number of personnel from each unit in the Korem 101Antasari ranks. For the Banjarmasin area, 125 personnel will be backed up by Kodim 1007Banjarmasin, in Banjar Regency by Kodim 1006Martapura 300 personnel and for the Tapin Regency area it will be strengthene d by Kodim 1010Rantau 60 personnel. As for the Makorem itself, 90 personnel, so a total of 575 Army soldiers were deployed to support the security of the final round of the 2020 South Kalimantan regional election democracy party. Firman also reminded that the vulnerabilities that arise are the threat of COVID-19 transmission if the organizers and the people who channel their voting rights ignore health protocols. Therefore, he stressed the importance of the officers present to secure the polling stations (TPS) in order to ensure that the process has been carried out in a disciplined manner. Lets make this PSU a success so that it runs smoothly, safely and peacefully. The neutrality of the TNIPolri is not in doubt, whoever is elected to be the leader of the people of South Kalimantan who will later become our partner in Forkopimda, said Danrem ending. The PSU for the South Kalimantan gubernatorial election was held in five sub-districts in Banjar Regency, namely Connect Makmur District, Aluh-Aluh District, Martapura District, Mataraman District and Astambul District with a total of 502 polling stations. Then the South Banjarmasin Sub-district in Banjarmasin City as many as 301 TPS and 24 TPS in Binuang District, Tapin Regency, so that a total of 827 TPS were prepared for the public to cast their votes in the final round of the match for candidate pair 01 Sahbirin Noor-Muhidin and candidate pair 02 Denny Indrayana-Difriadi Darjat who it was decided that the Constitutional Court should hold a PSU.