Drive:4 Wheel drive Production year:  From:2005 Till:2012  Brand:Perkins Model:1106D-E66TA Type:4 stroke Direct injection Engine cooled:water cooled Cylinders:6 Aspiration:turbocharged Intercooled:Air to air cooled Emission level:Tier 3 Stage IIIA Compression ratio:16.2:1 Power:  Gross:97.00Kw 130.08Hp with PowerBoost:106.00Kw 142.15Hp Rated EC:88.00Kw 118.01Hp Power at:2000rpm Torque:  Maximum (SAE):543.00Nm 401.82lb-ft Max. torque at:1500rpm Bore:105.00mm 4.13Inch Stroke:127.00mm 5.00Inch Displacement:6. 600cm 403ci Fuel:diesel Fuel system:high-pressure common rail injection Fuel consumption:  Optim. fuel consumption:208 gKwh Power source:  System:12V Hydraulic pump:  Main pump:110.00Lm 29.06gpm Number of control valves:3 Hydraulic pressure:  Working hydraulics:200.00Bar 20.00Mpa  Make:Massey Ferguson Transmission:Mechanical Gearbox:Dyna-6 Reversing gear:Hydraulic Powertrain:4 Wheel Drive Transmission:  Gears:4 Range6 PowerShifts Forward gears:24 Reverse gears:24 Powerschift steps:6 Travel speed:  max first gear:1.60kmh 0.99mph Maximum speed:42.00kmh 26.10mph Optional transmissie: Travel speed:  High:50.00kmh 31.07mph Power takeoff:  Type:Electro-hydraulic Clutch:Wet multi-disc clutch Power:85.00Kw 113.99Hp PTO speed:5401000rpm Engine at PTO speed:19802030rpm Front side:Optional  Service brake:Oil-cooled, single plate discs  Fuel tank:270.00L 71.33US gal Transport dimensions:  Length:4. 900mm 193Inch Heigth:2. 900mm 114Inch Height dimensions: Cabine:  Height:2. 900mm 114Inch Wheels tyres: Tire size:  Front:38085 R28 Rear:46085 R38 Wheelbase:  Length:2. 870.00mm 112.