You get a olive. Drab icom ic 7200. This radio has 4hrs of use. You get also the falcon tri. This is a replica. Radio of the original. You also need a battery holder pack. This radios volume is very low on this radio, but this radio works, you can use this radio as a repeater. You get a casecharger. You get a brand new it-100 tuner. You get 2 tri prc152 dual band of green radios This is also a replica The mic volume is low on these radio. I recommend a ext. Speaker mic, you get 2 extra brand new batterries Also you get a luiton 25 watt WALKIE talkie All radios has being used. You get 1 external speaker mic for the luiton radio Each radiogear will be video test. Green radios for a prepperfor emergency communications out in the field. 7200 needs a rugged tri prc. The item Icom ic 7200 hf transceiver. Vhfuhf package is in sale since Sunday, October 02, 2016. This item is in the category Consumer ElectronicsRadio CommunicationHam, Amateur RadioHam Radio Transceivers. The selle