Here is my 7239 SUV, my first (posted) alternate for this set. I know this set came out 12 years ago, so many people may mot have it, but most of the pieces it uses are fairly common, so you should be able to build it in different colors or something if you dont have the set. I had a lot of fun building this moc, and I hope you can and will too Please feel free to rate or comment on this or any of my other mocs.  I am missing BOTH of the red slope pieces that go on the back of the car, (and some other pieces to this set thanks to mixing and un-mixing and selling etc.), so I replaced them with another windshield. You can build it however you like though. LDD does not have part 30086. (The boat piece.) The accessories that go on it are included in the LDD file, but are just sitting there because the boat is not there to attach them to. The inventory is correct.