My newest purchase, in which I spend most of the year (and life sadly). Its a 2015 Massey Ferguson 7726, with 7.4 litre inline-6 diesel engine pushing out 280hp and a whooping 773lbsft of torque at 1500rpm. The weight of this beast is around 9.5 tonnes or 21. 000lbs when fully loaded with diesel and weights. Top speed, 60kmh which it takes around 10sec to reach it Who can say that about their car How fast does your car reach its top speed, huh Gears, nearly as many as the cars from FF. 48 gears split into hi-lo with 24 gears in each half split into 4 gears with 6 ranges. Picked her up in October 2015 with a price tag of 135. 000 ($200. 000 for those on the other side of the pond).