Neos Air (NO), an Italian leisure airline, reached an agreement with Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY) consisting of the purchase of two Boeing 787-9 aircraft, which are previously stored in Oslo, Norway. According to the latest Planespotters.com data update, two Boeing 787-9 jets involved in the agreement seems to be registered as LN-LNT and LN-LNX. The source has already listed these two Dreamliners as on their way to the new Italian owner. With the delivery of these two ex-Norwegian planes, Neos Air will fill up its fleet gap left after returning three of its Boeing 767-ERs to the company’s lessors on March 13, 2020. One of the Dreamliners, registered as LN-LNT, is a little more than 3 years old and is painted in a special UNICEF livery as it used to fly humanitarian missions. The unique livery jet was leased from AeroCap and entered service as Norwegian Air UK aircraft in 2017. After a year of operations, a registration of the Dreamliner was changed and the jet joined Norwegian Long Haul ’s operations in 2018. The second Boeing 787-9 jet purchased by Neos Air has been flying since 2017 and currently counts its 3.7 years in operating commercial flights. The aircraft registered as LN-LNX was previously leased from AerCap for Norwegian Air UK. In 2019, the aircraft entered the Norwegian Long Haul fleet. The delivery of two ex-Norwegian Air aircraft will complement the current Neos Air fleet consisting exclusively of the Boeing aircraft. According to Planespotters.com, the airline operates six Boeing 737s, one Boeing 767 and five Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Both new Dreamliners will receive a new Italian registration number, which starts with EI-.