MAZ 7904 Truck v1.1 Special chassis for RK Celina. The crew was housed in two 2-seater cabins. Built in 1983, tested in 1984. Of the two chassis laid down at the factory, only one was assembled. Years of production 1983 Improvements from the version from yansors: Increased safety margin Increased volume of fuel tanks Increased suspension travel Softened the stiffness of the shock absorbers. Version 1.1 for Spintires: MudRunner (v10.06.19): Changed wheels, added addons platforms, stands for them, cargo containers; Additionally rewrote the file from the game config; Now the installation of transport into the game is carried out according to the scheme 03.03.16; Installation instructions: Open the downloaded archive and drop everything into the game folder, confirming the replacement of the config.