Red Wing Heritage as we all know make some of the finest boots money can buy.  Made in the USA and tough as nails the Iron Ranger 8119 is the perfect adventure boot for anything the outdoors can throw at you.  The Iron Ranger is waterproof and the Vibram lug sole gives you excellent traction in nasty conditions.  They are comfortable out of the box but a little breaking in and they will feel like heaven.  The speed hooks make lacing up a breeze and the laces themselves are extremely tough and resistant to fraying.  The Red Wing Iron Ranger can be resoled and that is  a great thing because these boots will last you a lifetime.  The Iron Ranger comes in several different colors from brown to black and rough out (I’ve chosen the Oxblood color).  These boots are indestructible and just get better with age.  Perfect for the trail or cleaned up for a night out.  The Iron Ranger is an absolute necessity for the modern day adventurer.