4906-9151 Simplex, Multi-Candela TrueAlert SVs with speaker and synchronized strobe, provide convenient installation to standard electrical boxes with extensions. The enclosure designs are both impact and vandal resistant and provide a convenient strobe intensity selection. Since each model can be selected for strobe intensity output, on-site model inventory is minimized and changes encountered during construction can be easily accommodated. Audible notification appliance (speaker): High quality voice and tone reproduction with taps for , , 1, or 2 W, at 25 or 70.7 VRMS.Capacitor input for connection to supervised notification appliance circuits.Speakers are wired separately from strobe wiring.UL listed to Standard 1480 and ULC-S541.Compliant with NFPA 72, 520 Hz Low Frequency Signal Requirements for Sleeping Areas. 4906-9151 Simplex Strobe Intensity Selection During installation, a selection plug at the back of the housing determines the desired strobe intensity. An attached flag wit h black letters on a highly visible yellow background allows the selected intensity to be seen at the side of the strobe lens. Visible notification appliance (strobe): 24 VDC xenon strobe; intensity is selectable as 15, 30, 75, or 110 candela with visible selection jumper secured behind strobe housingStrobes are activated from NACs selected to provide Simplex strobe synchronization signals or from separate strobe Synchronization Modules that are available for Class B or Class A operationRegulated circuit design ensures consistent flash output and provides controlled inrush currentUL listed to Standard 1971 and ULC-S526Wall mount SV housings are a one-piece assembly (including lens) that mounts to a 4 square electrical box with extension. The cover can be quickly removed (a tool is required) and covers are available separately for color conversion. Synchronized Strobes 4906-9151 Simplex Multiple Strobes. When multiple strobes and their reflections can be seen from one location, synchron ized flashes reduce the probability of photo-sensitive reactions as well as the annoyance and possible distraction of random flashing. The multi-candela strobes of these SVs are activated by NACs that provide the Simplex synchronization format. 4906-9151.See all our parts for  .