National Instruments USB-9162 C Series USB Single Module Carrier

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The Units Serial Number Tag Reads:

Model Number: USB-9162

Part Number: 192558C-01

Key Features:

Includes LabVIEW SignalExpress LE data-logging software

Modules sold separately as NI 9xxx or in a kit with carrier as USB-9xxx

Bus-powered carrier for portability


The NI C Series USB single module carrier is a low-cost and highly portable solution for NI C Series modules. In addition to stand-alone application use, you can deploy the single module carrier as a debugging device for larger systems or use it to prototype sensor connections before you integrate modules into an NI CompactRIO system. You can use the modules that work with the NI USB single module carrier in any C Series chassis such as NI CompactDAQ, CompactRIO, or R Series expansion chassis.

NI has added new module support to the driver for the NI USB-9162 carrier. For the