The ZEROSTRESS chair from himolla Polstermbel offers seating comfort to meet the highest standards. The backrest glides seamlessly and gently into the reclining position. The beautifully shaped armchair comes with a matching footstool. Put your feet up and enjoy some peace. And you decide how you want to relax. The recliner with the unique ZEROSTRESS function is available in one size and a range of attractive colours. The base frame is formed from an elegant wooden ring. The wooden elements rise upwards in a gentle curve, and the armrests are fitted with soft padding. The wooden elements are made of durable beechwood and are available in a range of colours. You can choose the beautifully designed combination of the chair and stool to match your existing upholstered furniture and to create a harmonious oasis of calm in your living room. Sturdy processing and high-quality materials guarantee long-lasting comfort. You can enjoy this comfort whilst both sitting and lying back on the 360 s wivel ZEROSTRESS armchair. A defined lumbar support provides the optimum support for your spine and allows you to sit ergonomically. If you want to stretch out, put your feet up on the footstool and lie back. The himolla ZEROSTRESS function causes the backrest to glide smoothly and seamlessly backwards into the reclining position. The ease with which you operate the reclining feature can be adjusted using the two handles on the sides of the chair. The headrest automatically adjusts to the chosen position so you can relax, read and watch television in great comfort.